VA Hospital Connects to NY Health Information Exchange

Canandaigua VA Medical Center is connecting to the Rochester RHIO and the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) network of networks for in an effort to improve veteran health record access and patient care.

“Our partnership with the VA represents the culmination of considerable perseverance and foresight by both organizations,” Rochester RHIO CEO and President Jill Eisenstein said in a public statement. “This is our first step in expanding connectivity between VA and community healthcare providers. We look forward to collaborating with regional VA staff to help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare for our Veterans.”

Sharable data available in the local HIE includes radiology reports and images, hospital admission and discharge transactions, hospital reports, medication history, lab reports, and basic demographic information.

“After years of working through various barriers, we are excited to partner with RHIO to provide secure health information access to VA providers,” added Research Program Coordinator and Research Integrity Officer at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center Thomas A. Rocco, Jr., MD. “This will allow for improved continuity of care and help to reduce duplication of testing and services; with the ultimate goal being improved patient care for our Veterans, and reduced healthcare costs.”

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(Source: EHR Intelligence)