The Public Votes! Votes for Healthcare!

This Saturday we opened voting to the public, giving the people a chance to select the designs they like best for the Patient Portal for New Yorkers. The Patient Portal will be a highly secure website allowing New Yorkers to log in to access their own medical records, with the same ease and efficiency with which they have accessed their financial transactions for years.

Since we expect patients to use the Patient Portal regularly (in order to find out about recent lab results or prescriptions, or just as a reminder to schedule their next physical) we aim to create an interface that is both pleasant to look at and easy to use.

In January of this year, we opened a challenge that invited designers and software developers to submit prototypes for what that interface should look like. And now that the best of those designs are in, we are letting the public—those who will ultimate use the portal—rank the ones they like the most. Voting will be open until April 23rd, and we ask that you take a look and help us determine the interfaces you find the clearest, most straightforward and user-friendly.

Once voting comes to an end, we will hold two demo days in different parts of the state, which will give anyone interested a chance to learn more about the top prototypes, and to watch, learn, ask questions, eat, drink, and network. The New York City Demo Day will be April 30th, from 3pm-7pm, and the Buffalo Demo Day will be May 2nd, 3pm-7pm.

The winning design will be announced May 6th. . . And then the building begins!