State HIE News and Updates 1-6-17

State Health Information Exchanges (HIE) come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common: To improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivered in their states. Here are updates being reported from these organizations.

New York -Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY)

The SHIN-NY is the only HIE that provides universal access regardless of network or EHR system. New York State has made a significant investment in the SHIN-NY and in 2016 they set a goal of connecting 100% of the PPS across the state to the SHIN-NY. The eight RHIOs that make up the SHIN-NY are working directly with the PPS organizations to meet their needs.

Health Information Exchange of New York (Hixny)

Hixny (@HIXNY) is on of the eight RHIOs that make up SHIN-NY. Hixny connects patients, providers and organizations to better coordinate care and reduce healthcare costs in the Capital Region and Northern New York.

University of Vermont Medical Center now contributing data via Hixny – North Country providers can now get a level of detail in patient records they couldn’t have imagined before—thanks to a landmark move by The University of Vermont Medical Center and Hixny. Hixny’s addition of UVM Medical Center is a first for the Empire State and the Northeast where access to secure electronic medical records has crossed borders to connect with providers in other states. The move will multiply the volume of data—and will improve the quality of care—for thousands of North Country residents who see primary care physicians in New York but go to UVM Medical Center for inpatient or specialty care.

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(Source: HIE Answers)