What is the SHIN-NY?

New York State created the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) to allow the electronic exchange of clinical information and connect healthcare professionals statewide.

The SHIN-NY enables collaboration and coordination of care to improve patient outcomes, reduce unnecessary and avoidable tests and procedures, and lower costs.

The SHIN-NY is overseen by the New York State Department of Health and governed by privacy and security policies and standards. Patient information in the SHIN-NY is protected under HIPAA, other applicable federal and state laws, and national data exchange standards, making data safe and secure.

Health records are NOT publicly accessible. Only a patient decides who can see their records. As a patient, you must give consent to your doctor to access your records. You may opt-out at any time.

The SHIN-NY is the Statewide Health Information Network for New York. In partnership with the New York State Department of Health, NYeC developed and manages the technology platform that connects the Qualified Entities (QEs) and enables the sharing of data statewide, ensuring that the SHIN-NY provides access to a patient’s electronic medical records wherever and whenever they need it.

A "Network of Networks"

The SHIN-NY connects regional networks, or Qualified Entities (QEs), which allow participating healthcare professionals, with patient consent, to quickly access electronic health information and securely exchange data statewide.

Each regional network enrolls participants within their community, including those from hospitals, clinics, FQHCs, home care agencies, payers, and ambulatory practices, among others, so they can access and exchange electronic health information with participants in their region.

From Buffalo to Brooklyn, participating healthcare professionals are connected and can quickly and securely access up-to-date and accurate clinical information. The SHIN-NY helps streamline care and supports better patient experiences and outcomes while improving safety and lowering healthcare costs.

Better Care, Greater Efficiency, & Cost Savings

The SHIN-NY is integral to the success of state and federal initiatives propelling healthcare toward a fully integrated, patient-centered system.

Today, the SHIN-NY connects all of the hospitals in New York State, over 100,000 healthcare professionals, and represents millions of people who live in or receive care in New York.

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Use of the SHIN-NY to access patient information is associated with:

  • 50% reduction in the rate of hospital admissions
  • 26% reduction in the rate of Emergency Department admissions
  • 35% reduction in the rate of repeat imaging procedures

The Future of the Network

The SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap was developed by NYeC with input and feedback from QEs and stakeholders across the State. The strategies outlined in the roadmap and new tools such as performance-based contracting will further strengthen the network’s ability to support high-quality, value-based care and, ultimately, dramatically transform the healthcare system into one where HIE is universally used as a tool to make lives better.