The SHIN-NY Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures for Qualified Entities and their Participants V 3.9 can be found at the link below. Policies & Procedures

The SHIN-NY is governed by an open and transparent process that brings together key stakeholders in the state to contribute input and expertise on the development and implementation of SHIN-NY policy and technical standards.

This process is known as the Statewide Collaboration Process. NYeC, in partnership with the NYS DOH, convenes several committees that are representative of stakeholders with an interest and investment in health information exchange via the SHIN-NY.

The SHIN-NY operates under the Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures for Qualified Entities and their Participants, which was designed to establish a set of privacy and security rules that govern the exchange of information via the SHIN-NY to ensure that health information remains confidential and can be accessed only with consent of the patient/consumer.

SHIN-NY Regulation

SHIN-NY Regulation

On March 9, 2016, SHIN-NY Regulation was adopted and released into the State Register. View the Regulation here.

View the list of facilities subject to the Regulation.

The SHIN-NY Policy Guidance Documents that support implementation of the Regulation are posted on the NYS DOH website here.

More information on the data contribution requirements for Article 28 hospitals and other regulated facilities subject to the SHIN-NY Regulation can be found here.

SHIN-NY Policy Committee

SHIN-NY Policy Committee

The SHIN-NY Policy Committee is comprised of individuals from across the state with expertise in policy: public officials, healthcare providers, attorneys, public advocates, QEs, hospital leadership, and other policy specialists.

The committee meets regularly and is guided by an Annual Policy Agenda. Public Comment on key policy issues is sought by the Policy Committee as needed. There are no open comment announcements at this time.

2022 Policy Committee

Arthur A. Levin, MPH (Chair)Co-Founder and Director, Center for Medical Consumers
Steve AllenDirector, Operations and Privacy Officer, HEALTHeLINK
Chuck BellPrograms Director, Advocacy-Consumer Reports
Lawrence Brown MD, MPH, FASMCEO, START Treatment and Recovery Centers
Alan CohenChief Program Officer, Congregate, Care, and Behavioral Services, JASA — Jewish Association Serving the Aging
David Cohen, MDExecutive Vice President, Population Health & Academic Affairs, Maimonides Medical Center
Taiymoor J. Naqi, JD, MBA, CHPVice President of Privacy and Security, Hixny
Ram Raju, MDHealth Disparities Consultant
Lorna ThorpeVice Chair of Strategy & Planning, Department of Population Health, NYU Langone Health
Raul Vazquez, MDPresident/CEO, Urban Family Practice
Louann Villani, RN

2022 BOC Representative

John SheehanRochester RHIO

Ex-Officio Members

Neilia AmatoOASAS
Mary Beth Babcock, Esq.OPWDD
Carmen BarberOMH
Dr. John BarbutoOPWDD
Kate BlissOHIP
Deirdre DepewNYS DOH
Jessica EberOMH
Nicholas ElcockNYCDOHMH
Molly FinnertyOMH PSYCKES
Jen Freeman, RD, CDNOPWDD
Tom HalliseyHANYS
Tammy HarrisOPWDD
Geraldine JohnsonNYS DOH
Jonathan KarmelNYS DOH
Jean Kavanaugh
Jim KirkwoodNYS DOH
Puja KhareGNYHA
Judy MendozaRochester RHIO
Laura MorettiOHIP
Leilani PruskyNYSTEC
Jennifer RosenbaumNYS Office for the Aging
John SheehanRochester RHIO
Zeynep Sumer-KingGNYHA
Meg Vijayan, Esq.OPWDD
DateAgendaMeeting Notes
2022/07/20Agenda PDFMeeting notes coming soon.
2022/06/16Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2022/05/18Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2022/04/20Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2022/03/15Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2022/02/17Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/12No meeting held.
2021/11/17Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/10/22Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/09/17Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/08No meeting held.
2021/07/20Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/06/21Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/05/21Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/04No meeting held
(workgroup only).
2021/03/19Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/02/24Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2021/01No meeting held.
2020/12No meeting held.
2020/11/20Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/10/22Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/09/29Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/08No meeting held
2020/07/22Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/06/25Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/05/20Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/04/22Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/03/24Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/02/26Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2020/01No meeting held.
2019/11/15Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/10/22Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/09/25Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/08No meeting held.
2019/07No meeting held
(workgroup only).
2019/06/12Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/05/15Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/03/19Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/02/26Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2019/01/29Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2018/12/18Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2018/10/23Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2018/09/25Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2018/05/15Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2018/03/20Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2018/02/27Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2017/12/19Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2017/11/07Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2017/10/05Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2017/08 No meeting held.
2017/07/19Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2017/05/22Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2017/01/13Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2016/09/26Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2016/03/08Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2016/02/17Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/12/08Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/11No meeting held.
2015/10/13Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/09/17Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/08/13Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/07/14Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/06/09Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/05/12Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/04/14Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/03/10Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF
2015/02/11Agenda PDFMeeting Notes PDF

SHIN-NY Business & Operations Committee

SHIN-NY Business & Operations Committee

The SHIN-NY Business & Operations Committee (BOC) is representative of the Executive Directors of the Qualified Entities (QEs). The BOC serves as a Committee of the NYeC Board of Directors charged with development of strategies and approaches to SHIN-NY implementation and security. In that capacity, the BOC operates as a collaborative governing body that makes recommendations to the NYS DOH and the NYeC Board to further SHIN-NY adoption and usage.

BOC Members

Rob Hack (Chair)HealtheConnections
John Sheehan
Rochester RHIO
Mark McKinneyHixny
Todd RogowHealthix
Charles ScaglioneBronx RHIO