Qualified Entities (QE)

Join the SHIN-NY

To join the SHIN-NY and get access to medical records, a doctor/provider must first sign up with a Qualified Entity (QE). As more healthcare providers sign on and begin sharing, the network will become an even more powerful tool for patient care, improved efficiency, and a knowledge base of important clinical insights and data.

The SHIN-NY network is secure and fast. It allows providers to use Alerts, Direct Messaging, and Patient Record Lookup. Direct Messaging functions like a highly secure email, giving clinicians the ability to seamlessly exchange authenticated, encrypted clinical data with one another. Patient Record Lookup is comparable to an ultra-secure search engine, allowing healthcare providers to retrieve individual patient records from across the network once they receive patient consent.

Providers can also receive alerts about their patients, such as a notification that a patient has been admitted to an Emergency Room. Other types of reports may be available through your QE.

To get started with the SHIN-NY, first a healthcare provider has to join a QE. Then the patient needs to provide consent to the doctor so that they can access the patient’s health information.

Get connected, New Yorkers!

What is a QE?

A QE, or RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization), is a local hub where a region’s electronic health information is stored and shared. There are eight QEs in New York State that each cover different areas from Buffalo to New York City. These QEs are the backbone of the SHIN-NY, providing the services that make secure, vital access to a patient’s health information possible statewide.

Qualified Entity Contact Email

Bronx RHIO

Charles Scaglione, Executive Director cscaglio@bronxrhio.org


Rob Hack, President and CEO rhack@healtheconnections.org


Dan Porreca, Executive Director dporreca@wnyhealthelink.com


Tom Check, President and CEO tcheck@healthix.org


Christina Galanis, President and CEO cgalanis@healthlinkny.com


Mark McKinney, Chief Executive Officer mmckinney@hixny.org

NY Care Information Gateway (NYCIG)

Nick VanDuyne, Executive Director nick.vanduyne@nycig.org

Rochester RHIO

Jill Eisenstein, President and CEO jeisenstein@grrhio.org