Past, Present & Future

SHIN-NY: Past, Present & Future

Check out what NYeC & the SHIN-NY have been up to over the last year. NYeC's 2020 Year-End Report

SHIN-NY: Past, Present & Future

The SHIN-NY has developed and evolved over the last 15 years with state, federal, and industry stakeholder support. In 2017, NYeC released a bold three-year strategic plan called the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap. The Roadmap set forth ambitious goals that would usher the network into a new era, wherein this critical public infrastructure reached a point of critical mass and is able to meet the evolving needs of its stakeholders across New York State.

The Roadmap laid the groundwork for intensive work across the network that strengthened the SHIN-NY’s foundation, intentionally enhanced support for value based care, increased efficiency and affordability, fostered innovation and improved interoperability, and advocated for the network and its stakeholders on a variety of platforms.

In 2020, throughout the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the SHIN-NY was able to provide vital support to the healthcare and public health system in New York State responded to this crisis. This support was possible thanks to the foresight and investment in the SHIN-NY and health information exchange by New York State, the federal government, and industry stakeholders. Learn more about how the network delivered support throughout the pandemic in the COVID-19 reports below.