Impact on Patient Care & Outcomes

Impact on Patient Care & Outcomes

Impact on Patient Care & Outcomes

Most patients receive care from more than one doctor, practice, or hospital. Even with relatively simple healthcare needs, keeping track of and coordinating information among doctors can be a daunting task.

Health information exchange (HIE) allows the secure and confidential electronic sharing of health data, ensuring doctors, with patient consent, have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about patient’s health and treatment history.

New York State created the SHIN-NY to allow the electronic exchange of clinical information and connect healthcare professionals statewide. Following over a decade of foundation-building and evolution, the SHIN-NY now connects all hospitals in New York State, is used by well over 100,000 healthcare and community-based professionals, and supports the care of millions of people who live in or receive care in New York.

Each Month:

The SHIN-NY sends over 10 million alerts to care team members about patient Emergency Department or hospital visits, supporting care
Patient health records within the SHIN-NY are accessed over 8 million times across the state by provider and public health participants, supporting the care of over 600,000 patients
Diagnostic lab results for over 575,000 patients are electronically exchanged between treating providers via the SHIN-NY
To learn about how providers in communities across the state improve their patient care by using the SHIN-NY Watch Spotlight Videos

The SHIN-NY enables and supports value-based care, reducing unnecessary or duplicative treatment, leading to better care, healthier patients, and lower costs. Use of the SHIN-NY to access patient information is associated with approximately:

50% reduction in the rate of hospital readmissions

26% reduction in the rate of emergency department admissions

35% reduction in the rate of repeat imaging procedures