SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap

The SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap sets ambitious goals and employs a variety of tools for execution of the Statewide Health Information Exchange for New York (SHIN-NY), including new performance-based contracting, policy changes, and advocacy.

Success will take a myriad of dedicated stakeholders all working towards these goals using the following five strategies:

  1. Ensuring a strong health information exchange (HIE) foundation (the basics) across the State for providers, health plans, and public health
  2. Aggressively supporting patient-centric, value-based care, and certain tools, supports, and services desired by stakeholders
  3. Enabling interoperability and innovations using HIE as a foundation
  4. Promoting efficiency and affordability of the SHIN-NY system
  5. Advocating collectively for the SHIN-NY and its stakeholders


The Roadmap will pave the way for reduced reliance on government funding and establish a solid base for additional private support. It will promote and maximize the SHIN-NY's potential to directly support, enable, and fuel:

  • Patient-centered, value-based care 
  • A learning health system
  • Public health
  • Patient engagement

This Roadmap should be viewed as a high-level framework. Its purpose is directional. As with most strategic plans in dynamic and changing industries, the Roadmap is a living document that will be revisited at least annually.


Download the Roadmap:  SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap

Download more detailed Roadmap slides: SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap - Extended Presentation