SHIN-NY Spotlight | Issue 1 | April 2016

SHIN-NY Spotlight – Issue 1 – April 2016

Welcome to the first issue of the SHIN-NY Spotlight, a quarterly update on the progress we are making in developing the statewide health information exchange.

This year marks a number of important milestones in the development and operations of the SHIN-NY. In 2015 we launched statewide patient record look up (sPRL). With that milestone, the eight Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs) were linked and providers could now search for any patient who has given consent across the State. This huge achievement took over five years of concerted effort by hundreds of stakeholders in dozens of workgroups. We not only had to build the infrastructure, but we also had to align on policy to keep patients’ records safe and secure. Now the network holds over 37 million patient records, processes over 2.4 million transactions a month and has over 59,000 users of the SHIN-NY.