BronxWorks – CBO Utilizes HIE to Better Serve Clients

BronxWorks, a community based organization (CBO) in the Bronx, NY, support clients with a multitude of medical and social services. Through their connection to Bronx RHIO, BronxWorks utilizes the SHIN-NY to obtain important medical information on the clients they serve, leading to faster, more enriched care.

BronxWorks clients come to the organization through a variety of referral routes, and many bring complex needs and health histories. BronxWorks relies on instant access to important clinical information on their clients, resulting in the most efficient and informed care possible. Watch the newest SHIN-NY Spotlight video and hear from Shauna Barry, LCSW, Katie Moquete, LMSW, Lumeshwar Kumar, MPH, CHES, and Nikki Bibby-Poe, LCSW, as they discuss the importance of Bronx RHIO and the SHIN-NY in the everyday care of clients and their families.

“Being able to view the information from the Bronx RHIO…is really essential to providing an appropriate, high-quality level of care, especially for people who have complex medical conditions and often, not a lot of social support.”
Katie Moquete, LMSW
Assistant Program Director
Cooper Gardens North

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