SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap Seeks to Address ‘Perfect Storm of Reduced Support’

Healthcare Informatics has been closely following the pace of change at regional and state health information exchanges over the past few years as they seek to become increasingly relevant to hospitals, clinics, and physicians.

In a recent article, they detailed the new strategic plan for the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) from the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap. 

The decade-old SHIN-NY is comprised of eight regional health information networks connected together to share patient information. The ultimate vision, according to Valerie Grey, executive director of the New York eHealth Collaborative, is that the SHIN-NY will create a 360-view of a patient’s health, empowering them and their care team to create a treatment plan that addresses not only an illness or injury, but underlying conditions, medical history, and social determinants of health.

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(Source: Healthcare Informatics)