Promoting Interoperability (Formerly Meaningful Use) & The Medicaid Eligible Professional Program (EP2)

What is the Promoting Interoperability Program (Formerly Meaningful Use)?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS)’s Promoting Interoperability Program (formerly Meaningful Use and the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program), provides financial incentives to providers if they use an EHR to capture patient data, coordinate care of the patient, ePrescribe, and engage with patients via their ONC-certified EHR technology.

How can NYeC help? About the Medicaid Eligible Professional Program (EP2)

The Medicaid Eligible Professional Program (EP2) is a New York State Department of Health (DOH) initiative providing assistance and support services for achieving Promoting Interoperability Program (formerly Meaningful Use) objectives.

The NYeC HAPS team and our skilled subcontractors strategically positioned throughout New York State provide services to assist providers in achieving the various stages of Promoting Interoperability.

NYeC has assisted over 5,000 providers in preparing for and attesting to the various stages of Meaningful Use since the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program began in 2011. Our efforts have contributed to over 42,000 incentive payments disbursed to almost 19,000 healthcare providers across New York State, totaling over $1 billion EHR incentive payments.

What's New & Important Dates


  • Providers can submit their attestations for PY 2021

August 31st is the last day to attest for PY 2021 and the final opportunity to receive an incentive payment in the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.

  • Due to the strict deadlines from CMS, the NYS DOH cannot offer Attestation Deadline Extensions (ADEs) for PY 2021. Unlike previous years, providers will be unable to use the 4th quarter to establish reporting periods.

Upcoming Webinars

Value Based Payment Alignment with Meaningful Use Foundation

Date: Thursday, September 16th at 11:00AM

Description: The webinar will provide a basic understanding of the shift to value-based payment in New York and discuss how the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program sets a foundation for success under Value Based Payment (VBP). Meaningful Use continues to be an important building block, setting providers and organizations for success in other programs with the ultimate goal of practicing population health.

Our primary focus will be to provide insight into how to leverage value-based care foundations developed under Meaningful Use and apply them in other incentive and QPP programs that put a premium on value-based care.

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CQMs Beyond the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

Date: Thursday, October 21st at 11:00AM

Description: This presentation reviews 2022 clinical quality measures (CQMs) and how to apply New York Medicaid EHR Incentive Program best practices to advance beyond the program.

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Quality Payment Program Alignment with MU Foundation

Date: Tuesday, October 26th at 11:00AM

Description: This presentation illustrates key alignments between Meaningful Use and Quality Payment Program requirements and explains how Meaningful Users can continue their workflows to ensure a seamless transition to any Quality Payment Program.

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Review of SRA and Post Program Audit Concepts

Date: Wednesday, November 3rd at 11:00AM

Description: MEIPASS is closed and the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program is ending. Did you attest to completing your SRA at a future date? Are you prepared for a Post Program Audit? Join us as we detail PY 2021 SRA requirements and highlight vital audit resources that will not be available to providers after December 31st, 2021.

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The EP2 program is only open to providers who started participating and received an initial payment in the New York Medicaid EHR Incentive Program prior to December 31, 2016. Providers are eligible if they have active New York State Medicaid Fee-For-Service program status and meet the 30% patient encounter volume threshold as defined by CMS.

The following types of medical professionals are eligible to participate:

  • Physicians (MD and DO), including Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Certified Nurse-Midwives
  • Dentists
  • Physician Assistants (PAs) who practice in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
  • Pediatricians*

Providers who attest to the Medicaid patient encounter volume requirement, using either the standard or alternative patient volume methods in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment Administrative Support Service (MEIPASS), would be eligible to qualify to participate in the Medicaid EP2 Program.

Medicaid encounter service types include Medicaid Fee-For-Service, Medicaid Managed Care, and Family Health Plus.

Program Service and Assistance

Service Description Summary and Comments

Readiness Assessment

Ensuring your practice has a certified EHR system that meets all preliminary program qualifications (FFS, volume, ePaces enrollment) in place

Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Services

Free direct and remote assistance and services to support successful attestation for all levels of Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use)

Education, Training, and Support

  • Workflow analysis and redesign
  • Project management
  • Staff training and education

Audit Readiness and Preparation

Helping to ensure your practice has all the documentation needed in case of an audit

HIE Connectivity

Assistance in facilitating HIE enrollment in local Qualified Entity (QE)

To ensure providers receive the best service and support needed to achieve Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) objectives each year, NYeC has partnered with technical agents who are strategically placed throughout New York State:

Phases of Achievement and Program Milestones

NYeC will support practices to certify milestone achievements per eligible provider. Supporting documentation is required to demonstrate achievement of each of these phases:

  • Successful attestation for Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Stage 3
  • Successful attestation for subsequent years of Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Stage 3

Participation Benefits

Eligible providers could receive up to $8,500 in incentive payments for each participation year through the New York Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. There are no penalties under Medicaid for failure to participate in all years of the program. Participation years do not need to be consecutive. The last year to receive incentive payment is 2021.

Stage 3 Promoting Interoperability (Formerly Meaningful Use) Measures

Objective 1: Protect Patient Health Information
Objective 2: Electronic Prescribing (eRx)
Objective 3: Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
Objective 4: Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE)
Objective 5: Patient Electronic Access
Objective 6: Coordination of Care
Objective 7: Health Information Exchange
Objective 8: Publlic Health Reporting

Contact Us

For areas OUTSIDE of New York City (Rest of State), contact NYeC via our contact form or reach out to the EP2 team at

For areas within New York City, contact the NYC Regional Electronic Adoption Center for Health (NYC REACH)

Phone: 347-396-4888

TA Resources: NYeC TAs, please access the Absorb LMS here.

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*Pediatricians have the reduced option of demonstrating 20-30% Medicaid patient volume, but will only receive 2/3 the incentive payment when their percentage is below 30%.