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NYeC supports ideas and innovations that improve patient outcomes and quality, increase efficiency, and lower the costs of care. The majority of our projects are awarded through a competitive request for proposals. Current requests for proposals are posted below.

Technology By Design (TechBD): Exchange Services/ Data Strategy Request for Proposals

Technology By Design, Inc. (TechBD) invites qualified and innovative technology partners to submit comprehensive proposals for the development, implementation, and integration of Exchange Services and Data Model solutions as part of a centralized Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform designed to serve the State of New York’s shared infrastructure. We seek solutions that demonstrate an innovative approach to healthcare data exchange, exhibit adaptability to future technological advancements, and maintain the confidentiality of patient data across thousands of sources. In this RFP, we seek solutions that will not only satisfy the immediate requirements of Qualified Entities (QEs) within New York but also prepare New York for the future landscape of health information interoperability needs. The roadmap for implementation will involve working with multiple Health Information Exchange entities, known as Qualified Entities (QEs), to interoperate within the new environment. Currently, four (4) organizations and associated solutions are planned for incremental integration over a multi-year horizon. As such, recommended strategies for interoperability and integration into the centralized Data Model and Exchange Services solution components will be a key evaluating factor in selecting the partner for this effort.

Download RFP [PDF]

Download Attachment A – RFP Submission Checklist [Word]

Download Attachment B – Technical Proposal Response Template [Word]

Download Attachment C – Technical Requirements Response [Excel]

Download Attachment D – Cost Proposal Worksheet [Excel]

Download Technology By Design (TechBD): Exchange Services/ Data Strategy Request for Proposals – Questions & Answers

Technology By Design (TechBD): Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Provider Request for Proposals

Technology by Design, Inc. (TechBD) is seeking a reliable and experienced Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSPs) to provide 24/7/365 support for our emerging organization’s transition to and ongoing management of a cloud-based infrastructure. This partnership’s main objective will be to ensure seamless operation, security, and scalability of our newly established cloud environment, enabling our business to leverage cloud technology efficiently and effectively to carry out our mission. The chosen MSP will support a newly developed, centralized, HIE system integrating multiple existing HIE organizations in existence across the state today. At this time, an initial scope and footprint has been defined and is the core purpose of this RFP. Initially built cloud infrastructure will operate TechBD’s interface engine application representing all inbound and outbound data traffic between external parties and the integrated components of TechBD’s solution architecture.

Download RFP (PDF)

Download Attachment 1 – MSP RDP Response Form (Excel)

Download Attachment 2 – Cloud MSP Case Study Example (Word)

Download Technology by Design (TechBD): Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Provider Request for Proposals – Questions & Answers