Patient Portal Design Challenge Info Session Draws Engaged Crowd

This week, in partnership with live with design and Health 2.0, NYeC held an information session and networking event for more than 80 designers and developers interested in learning more about the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge. NYeC staff made a short presentation about the overall portal project and challenge, and fielded questions.

NYeC is working to provide New Yorkers with safe and secure access to their records by building a statewide patient portal for New Yorkers — a website for patients to access their medical records online. In order to design the best possible and most user-friendly portal interface, NYeC has launched the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge. This challenge calls on all interested designers and developers to submit innovative and exciting prototypes that can be used to build the full version of the portal. Challenge submissions are due April 11, 2013. Learn more.