NYeC Releases Newest Video in Series to Highlight Regional Partners’ Work Improving Healthcare Across NY

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January 27, 2021

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New York eHealth Collaborative Releases Newest Video in Series to Highlight Regional Partners’ Work Improving Healthcare Across NY

CNY’s St. Joseph’s Health Says the SHIN-NY & HealtheConnections Provide Much Needed Info for “improved care and quality of care.”

“Using HealtheConnections and the tools they offer, we’re able to mobilize the right resources.”

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) today highlighted St. Joseph’s Health in Syracuse – an innovative pillar of Central New York’s health care system – in its latest video celebrating how regional partners are improving healthcare delivery across the state by using a secure network for sharing patient medical data.

St. Joseph’s Health Hospital, founded more than 150 years ago, was the first hospital open to the public in Syracuse and today handles more than 14,000 surgeries and 66,000 emergency room visits annually. Additionally, there were nearly 400,000 health care visits through St. Joseph’s clinically integrated network, CNY AIM.

In the 2-minute 54-second video, St. Joseph’s Health and CNY AIM leaders discuss the benefits – for their institution, their patients and the healthcare of their community – of using HealtheConnections, CNY’s regional Qualified Entity, and the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY).

“Using the data-sharing system helps our patients, our community and our institution because it allows us to have the most up-to-date information about the people we serve,” Kristen Richardson, Director Community Engagement, Health and Wellbeing at St. Joseph’s Health, said, “By having that real-time access through HealtheConnections, we’re really able to act on things in real time.”

This is the third video in a series featuring healthcare providers and other entities from across the state that benefit from using the SHIN-NY. Other videos highlighted BronxWorks and Independent Health in Buffalo.

“St. Joseph’s Health is a perfect example of how the SHIN-NY and regional partners like HealtheConnections are helping healthcare providers with critical information that allows them to better serve their patients and, as Ms. Richardson said, act in real time,” said Alison Bianchi, Co-interim CEO and General Counsel, New York eHealth Collaborative, which administers the data-sharing network.

Dr. Paul Fiacco, MD, President, CNY AIM, said, “CNY AIM And St. Joseph’s Hospital use HealtheConnections, which is the local RHIO that actually connects to the SHIN-NY. HealtheConnections has been able to provide much needed information to CNY AIM and St. Joe’s for improved care and quality of care.”

Mike Endries, Executive Director, Programs and Operations, CNY AIM, said, “We are accountable for a certain set of patients, and by coordinating their care, we’re able to provide better care and lower costs.

“Harnessing information can help us achieve our goals. And value based payments and alternative payment model contracts are critical as we move from a fee-for-service system to a system that reimburses based on quality and value. Using HealtheConnections and the tools they offer, we’re able to mobilize the right resources,” Endries said.

The SHIN-NY (pronounced SHY-nee) is a statewide network that facilitates secure and confidential electronic sharing of patient data across the healthcare system to improve patient outcomes. It is comprised of and connects regional networks that allow participating providers and organizations to quickly access and share comprehensive patient health information and medical records. Statewide, all hospitals and more than 100,000 healthcare professionals are connected to the SHIN-NY, which facilitates the exchange of health information for patients across the state regardless of health system or network within which providers are based.

“NYeC and the SHIN-NY are committed to helping healthcare providers across the state improve patient care and outcomes. We will continue to highlight the work of our partners to provide best practices and highlight opportunities for increasing participation to the benefit of all New Yorkers,” said, Donald Juron, Co-interim CEO and COO, New York eHealth Collaborative.

“From day one, St. Joseph’s Health has been a leading partner in support of the health information exchange, promoting better patient care, care management, and disease management through our registries,” said Rob Hack, HealtheConnections President and CEO. “Together, St. Joseph’s Health and HealtheConnections exemplify what can be achieved through a long-term, engaged partnership with a shared goal to improve health outcomes and safety for individual patients and their communities.”

NYeC is sharing this and all videos in the series with health care providers, community-based organizations, government, civic and business leaders, and the media as part of its ongoing education and informational campaign.

Upcoming video releases will focus on how the SHIN-NY has worked with other regional networks and a wide range of health care providers to improve community health in other parts of the state.

For more information about the SHIN-NY, see https://www.nyehealth.org/shin-ny/what-is-the-shin-ny/.

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About the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC)
NYeC is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with the New York State Department of Health and others to improve healthcare by collaboratively leading, connecting, and integrating health information exchange across the state. www.nyehealth.org

About St. Joseph’s Health
St. Joseph’s Health is a regional non-profit health care system based in Syracuse, NY. St. Joseph’s has been an innovative leader in health care since our founding in 1869 as the first hospital open to the public in the city of Syracuse. Offering primary, specialty and home care, a Magnet-recognized hospital, and collaboration with community partners, St. Joseph’s Health advances the well-being of the communities we serve through an expanding range of services to ensure our patients achieve optimum long-term health. https://www.sjhsyr.org/

About HealtheConnections
HealtheConnections’ health information exchange covers 26 counties in New York State, and surrounding states, supporting more than 11,000 physicians and the millions of patients they serve. The name “HealtheConnections” represents our dedication to connect and engage healthcare providers, insurers, businesses, and consumers to implement services and initiatives that support New York State’s health information exchange and population health improvement agendas. https://healtheconnections.org/

About CNY Aim
Central New York Accountable, Integrated Medicine (CNY AIM) was established in 2015 to allow the physician and provider community to work together in an integrated, cohesive, and coordinated way. CNY AIM was created to help providers in the communities that we service come together to participate in new payment models that reward providers that work together to coordinate patient care for the purpose of improving the “value” of healthcare (where value is defined as the relationship between quality, cost, access, and the patient experience). https://www.cnyaim.org/