NYeC News: 2019 Year in Review

NYeC NEWS: VOLUME 109: January 2, 2020

We open our 109th volume of eNews with a letter from Valerie Grey, NYeC Executive Director:

As we embark on a new year, I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon and share some of the accomplishments and progress we made in 2019 towards advancing health information exchange and meeting the goals of the SHIN-NY 2020 Roadmap.

We announced exciting news that use of the SHIN-NY is reducing unnecessary healthcare spending in New York State by $160-$195 million annually. This analysis of the SHIN-NY demonstrates the impact we are making and underlines why we must further advancement of the goals outlined in the Roadmap to maximize the system’s full capabilities and savings.

With our QE partners, we continued to drive SHIN-NY efficiencies and functionality enhancements, and have worked toward incorporating claims, social determinants of health, EMS, and pharmacy data into the network. We implemented new pilots with our partners and performance-based contracts with the QEs has helped drive SHIN-NY participation, use, and patient consent rates…

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