NYeC Encourages Consumers to “Mind the App” with New Health Data Privacy Resource

NYeC believes in the power of health information to improve patient care and outcomes. That includes a belief that patients have a right to their own health data, and a right to decide with whom that data is shared. We believe it is extremely important to share information about health data privacy and explain to users that if they share their data with an app, it is likely no longer protected by state and federal privacy law (such as HIPAA), and the app may use health data however it decides—including targeted marketing and selling to third parties. This could put patients’ information at risk of being used in ways that violate their privacy.

We have recently created a new, easy to understand educational document to share with patients and consumers who may use mobile health apps. Please feel free to download and share this broadly with individuals and communities to help promote awareness so that everyone can be safe and “mind the app”!

Mind the App graphic showing a hand holding a smartphone showing a red first aid plus/cross symbol.