HealthIT News: How Ridesharing Provides a Model for Healthcare Transformation

Few things are more important than getting patients to the care they need. For that reason, many health insurers and delivery systems provide patients who couldn’t get to their appointments otherwise with free transportation. Traditionally, these non-emergency medical transportation services have been provided by livery companies. Much like taxis, the industry can be plagued by poor service and high prices.

Over the past year, ridesharing companies have announced efforts to expand their on-demand transportation services to patients and health systems. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated encouraging results from almost 500 patient trips to-date. Average wait times have decreased by 30.0% (to 8.77 minutes), average per-ride costs have been reduced by 32.4% (to $21.32), and composite patient satisfaction measures 80.8%. Better outcomes, lower costs and improved experiences—the health care trifecta.

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(Source: Forbes)