NY Digital Health Accelerator

The New York Digital Health Accelerator (NYDHA) is helping tech entrepreneurs reimagine healthcare.

NYDHA is an intensive five-month program for early and growth-stage companies developing cutting edge technology products for healthcare providers. The ultimate goal for these startups is to develop new products in care coordination, patient engagement, predictive analytics, and workflow management for healthcare providers.

Created and run by the New York eHealth Collaborative and the Partnership Fund of New York City, the NYDHA is at the forefront of accelerating the development of healthcare innovation. In fact, NYDHA was ranked the #1 Health IT Accelerator worldwide among other programs by the Rotman School of Business.

The Accelerator has also been lauded by Todd Park, Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States, and the California HealthCare Foundation for its deep industry ties.

Bringing the Power of Tech to the Challenges of Healthcare

The basic idea of digital health innovation is simple: we must improve healthcare and technology is key to achieving this aim. This pursuit demands disruption, relentless iteration, fresh perspective, and focus. It also demands savvy and experienced guidance—and this is one of the NYDHA program’s greatest benefits. What’s so unique about NYDHA vs. other accelerator or “incubator” programs?

  • The selected companies gain access to and receive mentorship from senior-level executives at more than 20 of New York State’s leading healthcare provider organizations, ranging from hospitals and long term care providers to community health centers and primary care physicians.
  • The participating startups work closely with these senior-level executives to fine-tune and develop their technologies and business strategies through direct mentorship as well as a series of workshops, panel discussions, user-group sessions, networking opportunities, one-on-one meetings, and presentations.
  • In addition, these companies have access to funding from a syndicate of investors to help build out their solutions and grow their companies.

While it is no easy task to create health companies with enduring value, the Digital Health Accelerator has already made a strong impact on healthcare in New York State.

  • The 21 companies that graduated from the past two Accelerator classes raised more than $100MM post-program completion, driving growth and significantly expanding their customer base. Two of the companies, Avado and Remedy Systems, were acquired within six months of graduating.
  • The three classes have launched 47 pilots with their provider mentors and spawned over 180 new jobs in New York State.

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The Accelerator is a groundbreaking program that is helping some of brightest Health IT entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level—whether they’re creating new software for patients to review hospitals in real time, or helping doctors reach at-risk patients.

Maria Gotsch

President and CEO
Partnership Fund for New York City

We are giving Health IT companies what they need but cannot get anywhere else: access to major customers and product feedback from senior-level executives at New York’s top healthcare institutions. By providing these companies with direct mentorship to improve their technologies and business strategies, the Accelerator is quickly expanding New York’s Health IT landscape.

Dave Whitlinger

Former Executive Director
New York eHealth Collaborative
[New York State has] the resources, talent, and capabilities necessary to create an environment that produces innovative approaches to New York’s Health IT landscape, and we are excited to see groundbreaking ideas like these develop through the Accelerator program.

Kenneth Adams

President, CEO, and Commissioner
Empire State Development