Honoring Visionaries in Health IT in New York State

Hixny CEO Mark McKinney penned a recent post, Honoring Visionaries in Health IT in New York State, on the November 1st Gala & Awards and had the below to say about the event: 

As I watched all the presentations, it really struck me how all of these individuals shared a common vision and contributed to bringing people together across the healthcare spectrum to solve a problem. When you look at the success of the SHIN-NY—allowing electronic information to flow seamlessly and securely across the state from border to border— it is directly the result of the leadership these four individuals showed early on.  Working without a roadmap or existing models of success to copy, these men forged ahead when it might have been much easy to ignore the problem or let someone else solve it. We owe these four a great debt of gratitude for their perseverance and commitment.

I felt really good to be among so many people who were there to see these individuals honored. NYeC should be congratulated for building a community intent on delivering on the promises of the SHIN-NY that these honorees envisioned years ago.

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(Source: Hixny)