Healthix Integration with Private HIEs Run by Northwell Health, Mount Sinai

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Healthix has connected its public HIE system to private HIEs operated by Northwell Health and the Mount Sinai Health System. All three HIEs are built on HeathShare, a robust health information exchange platform that allows them to leverage shared technology to exchange richer and more comprehensive patient data.

Typically, clinicians are limited to seeing their own health system’s data, even though patients may be treated outside the health system. As a result, there may be gaps in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). With the tight integration of three HIEs spanning public and private systems, clinicians have a more complete and trustworthy data set for enhanced decision-making.

Data from two of the largest health systems in New York will greatly expand patient information available to care providers and payers, taking them a significant step forward along the path to true interoperability and connected healthcare. With New York State’s support and guidance, QEs like Healthix have been tasked with expanding the number and type of data elements available to support DSRIP and other value-based care programs. The robust set of clinical data generated by Northwell Health and Mount Sinai Health System is available in real time to every other organization in the Healthix network and across the SHIN-NY.