Health IT Startups In the New York Times

It’s not a surprise to those of us in the healthcare or tech industries, but now the rest of the nation is catching on. This past weekend, in the NYT, Thomas L. Friedman’s column “Obamacare’s Other Surprises” addressed the incredible growth of health IT startups due to the liberation of vast quantities of patient data, and the growing need for payment reform.

While Friedman does not explicitly mention the number of successful accelerator programs springing up throughout the country, such as the NYDHA, he calls out the Health Datapalooza, taking place in Washington D.C. this coming week.

He refers to this “new marketplace and platform for innovation” afforded by the incentivized switch to electronic health records as “a health care Silicon Valley,” and a “new industry.”

“This is a big deal,” he writes. And it is. Read the full article.