Health Data, and Continuing the Discussion at MedCity CONVERGE

News about the liberation of health data—from the buzz surrounding the fourth annual Health Datapalooza, to the publication of data on how much hospitals around the country charge for various common medical procedures—has recently spilled out of the industry niche, and into a more mainstream audience.

The discussion will continue at the MedCity CONVERGE conference in Philadelphia, on July 9th-10th, where Bryan Sivak, CTO and Entrepreneur in Residence of the Department of Health and Human Services will keynote. Sivak will be discussing how he is working to leverage what he calls the “Department of Health and Human Services’ two most undervalued assets” data and people to further the transformation of healthcare.

His interest in opening health data to allow those resources and innovators that fall outside the industry to contribute their ingenuity is rapidly becoming the norm, and the conference aims to draw a range of attendees and debate: The more diverse in specialty, the greater the potential for healthcare.

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