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When is the Gala?

The virtual 2020 Gala & Awards is on December 1st at 7:00-8:00pm. Log in beginning at 6:30 to get accustomed to the platform and socialize with colleagues at your table.

What is the platform like?

We’re utilizing a virtual platform specifically designed for galas and similar events that allows attendees to join their colleagues and peers at designated “virtual tables”, where they can interact via live video, while viewing the awards program at the same time.

As an attendee, you will be on camera at your virtual table throughout the event. To get an idea of how the platform is structured, please view this three-minute demo video below and at the link HERE.

Will I be on camera?

Yes! Throughout the evening you will be on camera and using your microphone to socialize with friends and colleagues.

What devices can I use?

We recommend accessing the event with a desktop or laptop. Tablets will have limited accessibility and are not recommended. Mobile phones will not work for the event.

What internet browser should I use?

We recommend using the following browsers: Chrome (Version 84 or later)/ Firefox (Version 78 or later)/ Safari (Version 13 or later); Tablet (Safari 13 or Silk)
Note: We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

How do I log in?

Enter your first and last name, your unique, case-sensitive PIN (you received this via email), accept the “Terms and Conditions” and hit Enter.

How do I find my table?

When you first sign onto the platform, you will find yourself in the “General Assembly” section. Click “FIND MY TABLE” at the bottom of the screen to join your designated table. You will only be able to access the table to which you were assigned. See screenshot below.

Upon arriving at your table, you will see a short animation about accessing your device’s camera and microphone. Click on “Request Permission” and allow access to camera and microphone. Please be sure to have other video conference programs closed, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. After you arrive at your table, you can read through the digital gala program at the top right of the page.

Can I see or visit guests at other tables?

No. The event platform does not enable attendees to visit other tables or sit at them.

How do I contact Technical Support?

Before logging in, get technical support from a live support agent on the event home page, underneath the ENTER button. Screenshot below:

While logged in, find the Tech Support button on the bottom of the screen, to the right of the EXIT button. Screenshot below:

How do I adjust the volume?

The event platform has volume controls for your convenience on both the live stream on the left hand side of the screen and on each individual table guest. See screenshot:

To change the volume on a table guest, hover over their video and click the three dots on the upper right-hand side. A volume control will appear.

You may also turn your camera on or off as well as mute and unmute your microphone below the table on the right-hand side. View Screenshots below:

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