Why Sponsor the 2021 Gala & Awards?

Why Sponsor the 2021 Gala & Awards?

As health systems, payers, and the public sector continue to adapt to New York State’s new healthcare landscape and rethink their technology and patient care needs, they’re looking for solutions.

NYeC’s Gala & Awards convenes senior-level executives, leaders, and policymakers who are serious about change. They’re focused on reinventing healthcare. They’re ready to talk and partner with organizations who can help their organizations evolve and thrive.

Sponsoring NYeC’s Gala & Awards will allow you to join key decision makers, showcase your organization’s thought leadership, support your colleagues, and put you in a position to meet the needs of New York State’s largest health systems, health plans, associations, and public sector organizations.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact: Jesse Giuliani, Director, Development & Special Events, jgiuliani@nyehealth.org or call (646) 817-4109

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