Cross RHIO Clinical Event Notifications are Live — What Does it Mean for You?

Last week, Healthix and NYCIG began exchanging alerts on patients who are admitted and discharged from an emergency room and inpatient hospital setting. In a 24 hour period, Healthix sent 2,464 alerts to NYCIG, and NYCIG sent 2,297 alerts to Healthix, indicating a high crossover of patients. In 2017, providers will be able to receive notifications across New York State via the SHIN-NY. That means for a child away at college upstate, or a NYC commuter who lives and works in different regions, should they have a medical emergency, their providers can be alerted to their care situation, if they have given consent.

NYCIG is an HIE in the SHIN-NY that connects New York City hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes and home care via NYC Health+Hospitals network (formerly Health and Hospitals Corp.)

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(Source: Healthix)