Creating a Successful Health Information Exchange

The evolution of a health information exchange serving 13 counties in New York. Data-sharing and collaboration are some of the healthcare industry’s most common buzz words, but if the industry is going to change for the better, these words must give way to actions.

But as with most large undertakings, starting is the hardest part, as there are unknown variables and numerous challenges ahead. This is very much the case for HealthlinkNY – through our journey, we have overcome challenges and applied technology to ensure we continually operate at peak efficiency.

Created under 2005’s HEAL NY plan as it began starting up regional health information organizations in New York state as Southern Tier HealthLink, we saw great success in the four counties we served. We achieved a 73% rate in terms of contributing data and using data from the health information exchange (HIE) throughout the physician community.

In 2015, Southern Tier HealthLink completed a merger with Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC), which served the Greater Hudson Valley, creating HealthlinkNY, a HIE which now covers 13 counties from two offices. In addition to operating the HIE, HealthlinkNY offers population health improvement program, supports healthcare delivery reform and also fosters collaboration among public and private health plans across the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Southern Tier of New York.

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(Source: Advance Healthcare Network)