A Look at NY’s Transformative Efforts to Combat HIV/AIDS while Leveraging Health IT

To commemorate National HIV Testing Day on June 27th, the Office of the National Coordinator highlighted New York State’s efforts to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic when it first emerged, and celebrated the new and innovative tools the state is exploring to prevent HIV and to test, diagnose, treat, and care for those living with the disease.

Innovative practices and resources using social media and information technology

Over the past three years, New York State has hosted innovative events to explore how health communications strategies and social media could be used to expand the impact of HIV and STD prevention and treatment services.

New technology, such as wearable sensors and home monitoring tools which provide continuous health status feedback, allow patients to become more engaged in maintaining their health and allow clinicians to provide “just-in-time” interventions to better manage HIV and other infections and conditions. Read more at the ONC’s blog.