Qualified Entities and RHIOs for Rockland County



HealthlinkNY is the RHIO/QE offering a secure health information exchange network for an 11 county region in the Hudson Valley, Catskill, and Southern Tier region. HealthlinkNY strives to improve the overall health of the region by advancing the use of Health IT as well as the adoption and use of interoperable EHRs. HealthlinkNY brings your healthcare providers and technology together to help improve your quality of care.


  • HealthlinkNY Web Portal—Quickly and securely access your patients’ consolidated HIE records online through the HealthlinkNY Web Portal in a read-only, printable format. Available for use by clinical providers, administrative staff, and public health employees.
  • Statewide Patient Record Lookup—The ability to search for a patient’s HIE records statewide. This feature allows HealthlinkNY Web Portal user’s access to their patients’ records from any provider in New York State contributing data to a QE connected to the SHIN-NY.
  • EMR/EHR Connections—Through electronic connections built between a provider’s electronic medical record (EMR or EHR) system and the HealthlinkNY HIE, providers can retrieve patient community health records directly into their own EMR/EHR.
  • HealthlinkNY Community PACS Viewer—HealthlinkNY Web Portal users have access to this tool that allows them to load and view patient radiology images without any additional downloads or login information.
  • Consent Management—HealthlinkNY offers HIE consent management electronically through their EMR/EHR connections as well as through a built-in tool that allows authorized users to record patient HIE consent choices through the HealthlinkNY Web Portal.
  • Secure Messaging—A secure messaging service is incorporated into the HealthlinkNY Web Portal, allowing users to securely communicate with other HealthlinkNY Web Portal users, send clinical document attachments, and include protected health information when necessary.
  • Notifications and Alerts—HealthlinkNY Web Portal users have the option to set up customized alerts on their patients to notify them when specific events occur, such as an ER or hospital admission in the HealthlinkNY region.


49 Court Street, Suite 300, Binghamton, NY 13901
300 Westage Business Center Drive, Suite 150, Fishkill, NY 12524
Christina Galanis - cgalanis@healthlinkny.com