Regional Extension Center (REC) Grant Programs

The NYeC REC helps providers choose the right software and learn how to use it effectively. We are your partner in this electronic transformation. We guide you every step of the way and teach you how to streamline the workflow in your office and qualify to achieve government reimbursements.

NYeC’s Certified Regional Extension Centers provide customized services so that providers can achieve their health IT goals:

  • Tailored, personal services to help transform a medical practice.
  • Consultative services to help providers select the right EHR software and hardware for their needs.
  • Clinical and administrative workflow analysis and redesign to help providers become Meaningful Users of EHRs.
  • Highly skilled project management to oversee the whole process.
  • Training for the practices’ providers and staff.
  • Assistance with connectivity and Interoperability:
    • Electronic labs
    • E-prescribing
    • Connecting with other clinicians and hospitals
  • A roadmap and support to help the practice and its providers to qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, and other incentives.
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